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140 Henry County Voters Disenfranchised by Secretary of State Office

October 2023, The Henry County NAACP is protesting the recent mistakes made by the Henry County Board of Elections in the cities of Hampton, McDonough, and Stockbridge. The wrong Ballots were provided to voters in Hampton GA which prompted provisional ballots to be issued. It took three days to rectify this error.  In the cities of Stockbridge and McDonough, we’re giving the wrong ballots for the Henry County Commissioner Race in District 2, and District 3. This prevented voters from voting in their respective districts. 


This egregious error was also confirmed in a statement from the Henry County Board Election and Registrants website. 

The Henry County Branch NAACP demands an extension of the election in the city of Hampton due to the Ballot error that lasted 3 days. All voters affected by the issue in Hampton should be notified and allowed to recast their ballots. Moreover, the Henry County NAACP demands that the entire election for Henry County be extended due to the errors with Districts 2 and 3. 

The NAACP Henry County demands that corrective actions be taken to ensure a judicious and fair election for citizens in Henry County to vote unencumbered. Voting is a right that every citizen should have and receive without question. 


Henry County NAACP

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